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AGU Session "Controls on Seismicity and Fault Rupture in Low-Strain Intraplate Regions"


Zur diesjährigen AGU-Tagung organisiert Frau Dr. Angela Landgraf mit 3 weiteren KollegInnen eine Session zum Thema "Controls on Seismicity and Fault Rupture in Low-Strain Intraplate Regions":

Large earthquakes in continental low-strain regions show their potential for catastrophic damage. Their understanding is challenging due to fault-slip rates below geodetic resolution, sparse earthquake records, and seismicity varying in space and time. Inherited crustal weakness or complex rupture patterns often complicate the assessment of tectonic activity and hence seismic hazard. We seek contributions involving characterization of regions that have experienced intraplate events in Quaternary time. We welcome studies focusing on assessment and comparison of short- and medium-term fault processes and rates that may lead to better understanding of the controls on seismicity and fault rupture in low-strain regions.

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